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1.To buy in IFBB Official Store

Once you have found the product, you can add it to you shopping bag, you can then continue surfing through the web or commence the purchase process. You will find your shopping bag available on the top of the page. Once you are in the shopping bag page, you will see all selected products, quantity, price and delivery times. From here, you may add, take away or delete items. To continue, just press the BUY button. If you are a registered user, you will need to indicate your email address and password. If you are a not a registered user, you will be provided the option to register and gain the many advantages we offer or you may continue with your purchase without registering.

We have reduced the process to 4 simple steps:

First step: Shipment information
If you are a registered user, your data will already be filled out. If you have shopped with us before, we will show you the last shipment address requested. You may change our shipment address if you wish. In this step, you will be given the option of registering if you are a not registered user. Just have fill out our form and enjoy the advantages that we offer.

Second Step: Payment Method
We now know what you want and where you want it shipped. Now you have to choose you payment method. We have different options: credit card, PayPal and bank transfer. All our method comply with all established safety standards, ensuring the safety of your transaction during the whole process. If you choose credit card payment, the store will connect you directly with your bank institution to provide your credit card details, we do not have access to your bank and credit card information. If you choose PayPal, the store will connect with PayPal and you will complete the transaction through your own PayPal account. If you prefer a bank transfer, you have five working days from the order date. Do not forget to include the order number we provide you in the transfer details. This will help us identify what you are paying for. Required information is: Recipient: SMART INTERACTIVE SL Institution: La Caixa Account Number: 2100 4381 71 0200118288 Concept: Order number Transfer from Europe IBAN code: ES90 2100 4381 71 0200118288 Transfer from outside Europe BIC; CAIXESBBXXX

Third step: Confirmation
We will provide a summary of the items you wish to purchase, shipment address and payment method. Once details are verified you just need to confirm the payment. Once you press the "PAY" button, depending of the method, the system will:
· Connect with the bank institution if you have chosen credit card payment. The connection system with the bank entity is "3D Secured". This method is recommended by all bank institutions to ensure the security of the transaction. Once card information, expiry date and the CVV code have been introduced, your bank institution has other step more of security: it will send it a code to your phone or will ask you your assigned password for online transactions. During this step you have to introduce the code sent to your phone or the assigned password.
· We will connect with PayPal if you have been chosen this method.
· To show you our bank account information for you to request the bank transfer.

Last step: Thank you page
We will show you the order number and we send you an email with your purchase information. Do not forget your order number as it will be useful in the future to monitor, change, and check your orders.

2. Delivery deadlines

Our commitment is to deliver your items as soon as possible. Normal delivery lead time is between 5 and 7 days, from the reception of your order. You can check the delivery times during the whole process, in article description and in your bag in case it cannot be delivered in a standard time. If in your shopping bag you have more than one item, the delivery times will be determined by the longest lead time, this is because we do not send your order until we have all the products you have purchased.

3. Shipping cost

In the next table we have all the Shipping costs:

Domestic Shipments
Area Until
3 Kgs
6 Kgs
More than
6 Kgs
Península 6,95 16,95 23,95
Baleares (1) 11,45 16,95 23,95
Portugal Peninsular (2) 9,95 16,95 23,95
Ceuta y Melilla 29,95 39,95 54,95
Andorra 29,95 39,95 54,95
Canarias (3) (4) 29,95 39,95 54,95
(1) Formentera and Cabrera (18,95 € / 24,95 €)
(2) Azores and Madeira are excluded
(3) Gomera and Hierro (73,95 € / 85,95 €) for shipments until3 kg. (4) Shipments every week.

(*) shipment to Canary Island, Ceuta and Melilla will be do through Correos. The customers will pay the customs clearance cost when they receive their items.

International Shipments:

Countries Below 1 Kgs Below 2 Kgs Below 5 Kgs More than 5 Kgs
Germany , Austria , Belgium, Holland , Ireland, Italy, Monaco , Poland, United Kingdom, San Marino , Vatican City , Denmark , France , Luxembourg, Sweden. ( 1), 19,95 22,95 25,95 50,23
Bulgaria , Greece , Hungary, Czech Rep. , Romania , Slovakia , Slovenia , Estonia, Finland, Lithuania , Latvia 25,95 36,95 60,95 110,95
Bosnia & Herzegovina , Guernsey , Isle of Man , Norway , Croatia, Jersey , Liechtenstein , Serbia , Switzerland 24,95 34,95 56,95 165,95
Afghanistan , Albania , Armenia , Azerbaijan , Belarus , Georgia , Moldova , Montenegro , Russia , Kazakhstan, Kiguizistán , Macedonia, Tukmenistán , Ukraine , Uzbekistan 32,95 47,95 85,95 155,95
Algeria , Cyprus , Egypt , Israel , Libya , Malta , Morocco , Tunisia , Turkey 57,95 80,95 128,95 203,95
U.S.A. 31,95 52,95 91,95 172,95
Argentina, Brasil, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, México, Uruguay, Venezuela 33,95 50,95 95,95 171,95
Anguilla , Antigua & Babuda , Netherlands Antilles , Aruba, Bahamas , Barbados , Belize , Bermuda , Bonaire, Granada , Guadalupe ( Antilles F) , Guyana , French Guiana , Haiti , Cayman Islands, Dominican Rep. , St. Kitts & Nevis, Cuba , Tuks and Caicos Islands, Virgin Islands (UK ) Virgin Islands (US , Jamaica , Martinique ( West Indies F) , St. Vincent and Grenadines , St. Lucia , Trinidad & Tobago 52,95 73,95 128,95 225,95
Saudi Arabia , Australia , Bahrain , Bangladesh , Bhutan , Brunei , Hong Kong , India, Indonesia , Iraq , Iran , Mongolia , Nepal , New Zealand , Oman , Pakistan , Qatar , Cambodia , China , North Korea , South Korea , UAE Arab , the Philippines, Japan, Jordan , Kuwait , Laos , Lebanon , Macau, Malaysia, Singapore , Syria , Sri Lanka , Thailand, Taiwan , East Timor , Togo , Vietnam , Yemen 48,95 69,95 112,95 198,95
Angola , Benin , Burma (Myanmar ) , Botswana , Burkina Faso , Burundi , Gabon , Gambia , Ghana , Greenland , Guam , Guinea Bissau , Equatorial Guinea , Guinea Republic , Marshall Islands , Iceland, Comoros , Cook Islands, Islaas Faroe Islands Fiji , Reunion , Mozambique , Namibia , Niger , Nigeria , New Caledonia , Palau , Palestine , Papua New Guinea , French Polynesia, Rwanda , Samoa , American Samoa, Cape Verde, Cameroon, Central African Republic , Chad , Congo Rep Islands. Democratic Rep Congo Popluar, Ivory Coast , Djibouti, Eriteria , Fed States . Micronesia , Etipia , Kenya , Lesotho , Liberia , Madagascar , Malawi , Maldives, Mali , Mauritania, Mauritius , Mayotte , Senegal , Seychelles , South Africa , Sudan, Surianam , Swaziland , Tanzania , Uganda , Vanuatu , Wallis and Fotuna , Zambia , Zimbabwe 51,95 72,95 125,95 231,95

(1) Shipments to these countries will be done throught terrestrial couriers.
Custom fees will be paid by customers at shipment reception for every non Europen Union destinations.

4. Order situation

Once you have completed your order you will be able to check your order status through your personal area if you are a registered customer. All your orders and their status will be available.

5. Item Delivery

We work with different delivery companies depending on the destination. They will deliver your items in perfect conditions.

6. I need to change it

If you have received your product and wish to exchange it, you will have to request a refund first and then order the new item. You should know:
· If the product that you ordered it is not the one we delivered product or the product is faulty, you can request the change without problems.
· You CANNOT request a change if it is a personalized product or if the product is specified in the "Terms and Conditions of Sale" list.

7. Money refund

You can request the full or partial refund if:
· It is on the specified times indicated in "Terms and Conditions of Sale".
· The product keeps the original packaging and labelling.
· The product is not personalised.
· All information detailed here is available in the "Terms and Conditions of Sale" statement